At Bliss Spa, muscles are worked expertly to increase circulation and relieve holding, stretching and breathing.

Foot reflexology is our tool to aid your center experience of relaxation and aliveness while all your tension, pain and stress melts away.

We offer the Highest-Quality Service.

Monday - Sunday
9:00am - 9:30pm
  • Foot Reflexology
  • Body Massage
    (Swedish, Deep Tissue)
  • Chair Massage
  • About Foot Reflexology
  • About Massage
  • Foot Reflexology
    30 Mins. $16.00
    60 Mins. $25.00
    Body Massage
    30 Mins. $ 28.00
    45 Mins. $ 40.00
    60 Mins. $ 45.00
    90 Mins. $ 70.00
    120 Mins. $ 80.00
    Chair Massage
    5 Mins. $ 7.00
    10 Mins. $ 10.00
    15 Mins. $ 15.00
    20 Mins. $ 18.00
    30 Mins. $ 28.00
    COMBO 1 $ 40.00
    (30 Mins. Foot Reflexology + 30 Mins. Chair Massage)
    COMBO 2 $ 35.00
    (30 Mins. Foot Reflexology + 30 Mins. Table with Oil)
    About Foot Reflexology
    Reflexology is a system of massage that uses the physical act of applying pressure to a specific area of the feet. It is based on a theory that there are system of zones and reflex areas on the body. These areas are stimulated with special hand techniques with a premise that such work affects a physical change to the body.
    The system of zones and reflex areas are inextricably tied to specific organs in the body by the nervous system. Using this theory reflexologist believe that various ligaments can be treated simply by stimulating certain zones.
    Reflexology can also reduce stress by interrupting the stress signal, and therefore, resetting homeostasis and the body's equilibrium. This is possible because the hands and feet help set the tension level for the rest of te body.
    About Massage
    is the most transformational and among the oldest of the healing arts. References to massage and its values go back to the beginning recorded history. Among the most widely recognized benefits of massage are:  
    ─ Decreases in stress levels
    ─ Decreases in chronic pain
    ─ Increased blood circulation
    ─ Improved sleep
    ─ Improved joint range of motion and flexibility
    ─ Improved body and mind awareness
    ─ Better skin tone

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